Copy of Paintings


Colour sense 2017 

Inspired by the famous geometric abstract works of Kazimir Malevich, White on White and Black Square, I experimented with glazes, texture and form, to create works that explore some of the vagaries of colour perception.


SHADOW PLAY 2016/17 

In this series I have made a deliberate attempt to take more control of the outcome. Emphasis has been placed on light, shadow, line and graduation of colour to convey a spiritual or emotional element.

surface TENSION 2015/16

In these works I have introduced red, vertical lines to disrupt the picture plane. The colour and strong geometric element form a counterpoint to the monochrome soft, organic folds of the background creating an interesting tension.

New Perspectives 2015

Sectioning off part of the canvas allows form to be revealed in the boundaries between the creased and flat areas. I have found this offers a more representational reading of my paintings.

In this series I have played with the picture plane, tilting, skewing and bending it, to alter the perspective completely. 



Creases 2014/15

Creases are a metaphor for being in the world, registering the traces of our existence. 

These large scale abstract paintings are designed to elicit a physical response from the viewer in an effort to bring awareness to the subjective nature of vision and the body's role in interpreting what it sees.