The inspiration for Landfall comes from a line in New Zealand poet and publisher, Dennis Glover’s work, "Arawata Bill", where he describes the country as being “crumpled like an unmade bed.” The title is a play-on-words, referencing the literary journal with which Glover was associated. The work is over scale in an effort to evoke the sense of wonder experienced when confronted with the majesty of nature. Painted canvas has been glued onto an aluminium backing to hold it rigid as it cascades down the wall and onto the plinth, allowing viewers to see the work on two planes. Landfall has been selected as a finalist in the 2015 National Contemporary Art Awards.


Disequilibrium is a self-supporting, spiral structure, where the viewer is invited to enter the installation to experience the sense of being engulfed by the painting, becoming one with it. 


The title refers to the moment a mist of spray paint travels through the air before coming to rest on the canvas, an analogy for the spirit leaving the body. By presenting the installation side on, I am inviting the viewer to walk between the sheets of frost cloth to experience the liminal space between the paint and the “canvas”. From the front, viewers may perceive the painting as a bewildering trompe l’oeil of shadowy creases. However, the illusion of spatial depth is disrupted by the real time participation of others as they pass “behind the veil”, in so doing, becoming part of the artwork.